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Default The Evolution of God

I just finished the book. I was hoping Tyler or a commenter would express my criticism of it, but no one has yet, so here it is. The central theological claim of both this book and Nonzero is that "the algorithm of natural selection" has produced a history that suggests a "higher purpose" of a moral nature, and therefore at least weakly suggests that God may have designed the algorithm of natural selection. But how could the algorithm of natural selection have been different? I can imagine a universe in which there is no life because the physics do not allow it. But I cannot imagine a universe where life is still an emergent property of simpler phenomena but evolved by a different algorithm than natural selection. God had a choice between natural selection and no life. He did not have a choice between natural selection and other algorithms that could evolve life but which lacked the "higher purpose" that Bob sees in natural selection. It is not as though God could have made the Planck length a little longer, or the speed of light a little slower, and then there would be life without higher purpose. He would have to change the laws of logic to get emergent life by a different algorithm than natural selection. Or perhaps my imagination fails.
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