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But your comment reminded me of that expression, which I hadn't heard in many years. It's a very affectionate expression which can be used in many interactions, from the tenderest way of addressing a beloved child, to a romantic or lusty call. I just had forgotten about it.

Me hizo reir con ternura.
en algún lugar entre la razón y la pasión es nuestro corazón. esperemos que en el equilibrio, como la estrella de David, el antiguo símbolo de la sabiduría. a partir de ese equilibrio, todo puede ser conocido y entendido!

mi español es horrible, pero traductor Google es genial!

actually computer translations are dangerously inaccurate sometimes! i hope all those who want to upload themselves into computers, will take note! subtly counts, the heart is terribly nuanced in the dance of passion and reason. con el ritmo perfecto, canta no llore!

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