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Default Re: @ A Game of Thrones on HBO

Originally Posted by chiwhisoxx View Post
yeah, I mean even so far what joffrey has done probably eclipses what draco did in 7 books in terms of awfulness. i'm fairly certain draco never actually kills anyone, and he turns out to be a more sympathetic character than expected in the 7th book. it's just the first thing that comes into my mind when I see an annoying, entitled, and evil little blonde kid.
"Annoying" will be a less and less accurate adjective as time goes on. Let me put it this way: Draco is an obnoxious little punk, but if Voldemort had suspected him of treason and killed him, you would have felt bad. By the end of book 3, the reader is ready to actively cheer Joffrey's death and would prefer that it be unpleasant.
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