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Default Re: Free Will: In Defense of Not Voting

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Sorry, but I can't resist. What would they call themselves? The OxyMorons?
That's very funny.

One of the peculiar features of American democracy, from a European point of view, is the way the two parties shade off into each other near the middle, leaving very little room for clear policy differences, and leaving far too much room for so-called "cultural" issues. Is this the result of history or institutions or both?

Not being an expert on American politics, I have often wondered if the disproportionate representation of small states in the Senate (mainly western and southern) doesn't skew American politics to the values of the relatively uneducated, uninformed electorate of small towns and rural areas. There is something absurd about a system that gives Wyoming and Idaho as much power in the Senate as New York and California. Hence perhaps a tendency of political parties to do everything to blur differences in the interest of national unity?

This is more a question than a statement.
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