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Default Re: NYT: How the U.S. Lost Out on iPhone Work

Originally Posted by look View Post
Understood. It just seems that a company that made $108B last year could do a little better by the Chinese workers, but my understanding is limited in this matter. I sincerely appreciate the Chinese getting any leg up at all.
The problem is, if you pay them more, the other people on foxconns list, many of whom are cloning the apple stuff will sell so much cheaper, that apple dies.
This is free market competition that the authoritarian / libertarian / conservatarian crowd is trying to free from the tyranny of the US gov. (us).
Ron Paul is saying he'll do what has already been done, and we all did it together. Except his idea is to end lobbyist influence by removing the incentive, that being government's power to regulate. One of the only things we still have any control over.
The trend will stabilize, and more industry will return to the states, but our assembly people won't be getting a whole lot more than their Asian counterparts.
Welcome to our free market salvation. Hope you are well connected and well financed.
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