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Default Re: Mitt Romney Hit Piece

Originally Posted by handle View Post
I point the finger at everyone for the economy, but I figured the far left view, now ironically deployed by the anti-mitt (priceless), was my best shot.
I agree that there's a lot of blame to go around and the anti-mitt, vulture capitalist stuff is pretty creepy but unfortunately will persuade a lot of uneducated people.

You missed an excellent opportunity to call BS on me.
Plain language: I was pulling your leg 'cause you tend to assume everyone who argues with you is a lefty anti-capitalist.
There you go again. Just a tip...I think you should avoid telling people what they think and what they assume or what they tend to assume. It's off-putting. So much better to say...It seems to me that you assume...And then be ready to hear that what you thought isn't correct.

Economic sustainability is, however, actually very interesting, and it involves private entities, that are focused on steady profits, and realistic growth goals not usually driven by the public trading of stocks, and short term gains for the private jet set

Thanks for the definition. I think that's a worthy model and certainly one that a majority of the firms in the US follow. But of course then you have questions about what exactly are realistic growth goals. I'm sure there are lots of opinions about that amongst the people who run companies. Sometimes when growth is pursued at the wrong time, things can go awry. Or if growth is avoided at the wrong time competitors can get a leg up.

Not that I really blame them (the romneys) or hate them, because everyone went to sleep and left the cookie jar right out in the open. While I screamed bloody murder about this (during the 80s and 90's, gave up during the reign of bush), my bourgeois co-workers stared at me as if I had bugs crawling out of my ears.
I need to do more research and Romney needs to do more explaining but from what I understand the owners of the companies Bain took over pretty much asked Bain to take care of the cookie jar. And about 66% of the time there were more cookies to go around after that.

I don't know what you're talking about here: While I screamed bloody murder about this (during the 80s and 90's, gave up during the reign of bush),

There is an emerging trend toward cooperatively run companies, employee owned companies, and just plain sustainable capitalist run companies, because it's now down to our survival as a country. I won't mention the Union run companies so as not to raise any partisan hackles.
Cool! and if they are successful, more companies will join in.

Pessimistic disclaimer: Could be too late though.
I don't think so.

Off topic, let's start a pool as to how long before we stick a fork in Vbulletin.
I saw tons of posters wander through last night, with little or no activity.
Welcome to my ghost town everybody!

1 week
2 weeks
Yeah it's definitely going downhill. Whoda thunk? 2 weeks
"By pursuing his own interest he frequently promotes that of the society more effectually than when he really intends to promote it." Adam Smith
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