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Default Re: An apparition is stalking America

Originally Posted by rfrobison View Post
It sounds like our definitions of healthy patriotism are similar. And there is no question that conservatives or rightwingers use patriotism as a bludgeon against liberals and lefties. It's unfair, I grant.
Yes, I think so, and thanks for acknowledging that.

The difference seems to be with how that love of country is expressed. Many liberals have a cosmopolitan outlook and associate flags, parades and whatnot with a narrow-minded provincialism that strikes them as uncouth. They often seem to focus more on America's mistakes or shortcomings than to take pride in its achievements. Their love of country strikes conservatives as conditional or equivocal.
I think this is more regional than liberal vs. conservative. Perhaps living in the midwest and having grown up in the west makes a difference. (Although I did go to college in MA.) Then again, I think flag parades are pretty common and heart warming across the board, so to the extent you run into people who are anti (which on the 'net are more common), I think that's more unusual than not, and I'm mostly surrounded by Dems in saying that.
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