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Default Re: An apparition is stalking America

Originally Posted by rfrobison View Post
When he characterizes America as "capable of maintaining world military and economic domination by punishing the poor, rewarding the rich and extending control through perpetual warfare," I'd say that's a pretty damning indictment and makes America no better than those empires built solely on coercion and fear -- Rome, the Soviet Union, the United States. They are all of a kind.
That's part of his "Reaganistic delusion."

Oh, I don't think when politicians of any stripe extoll America's virtues, they are "insisting that everyone acknowledge that the U.S. is objectively the best country ever." They do, however, wish that Americans would give their country a special place in their hearts.
Interesting. We interpret it differently.

I am of the belief that patriotism, within certain bounds, is good and healthy.
Personally, I agree with this. I just don't think acknowledging that you prefer your country but it's natural for others to prefer their own, and that loving America doesn't mean insisting that it's objectively better in all respects or without fault.

I get the feeling that in the minds of many conservatives, this makes me insufficiently patriotic. Or at least according to their public rhetoric (which seems politically motivated).

To return to my lover analogy, it seems as likely that rather than being cold and unfeeling, Wonderment is like a jilted suitor. America is not the sort of country that he would like. With America having resisted his charms, he now scorns her as the worst country of all.
I don't think this is a fair reading.
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