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Default Re: Question for Republicans re: Iowa Exit Polls

Originally Posted by badhatharry View Post
So here I am saying that if one has libertarian values and doesn't have some other agenda like say, feeling compelled to vote for Obama because one feels sorry for him or one doesn't have respect for the election process or (as in your case) it doesn't matter who you vote for, Obama's going to win your electors, so you want to later say you voted for him and prove you're not a racist...
Hah. Incidentally, this will probably be the last time I vote for a Democrat.

then because of Obama's big daddy government, I'm here for you and I'm going to make things better for the middle class through government largess, you just couldn't vote for him. But you could still understand what libertarian means.
Yeah, but this is related to the other thread where Sulla and I discussed my supposed cognitive dissonance. I'd vote for Huntsman, but he isn't going to make it. My biggest issue is Big Gov. So, if all the other candidates are Big Gov, then I have to vote for the guy who will, on balance, do things right. Obama's pretty good on foreign policy, even if he just destroyed all of our civil liberties to meet those objectives.
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