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Originally Posted by uncle ebeneezer View Post
Looks like you are.
Wouldn't be the first time I stood alone on the correct side of a matter.

4 years ago, DADT would not have allowed this picture to happen.
And so.....? Is the picture so very imporant? To whom, and why?

Two Americans celebrating a newly established liberty hardly seems tedious to me.
It seems especially tedious to me. When sexuality comes to define "freedom", then "liberty" seems to just be a stand-in for libertine. It is a boring political fiction. Mostly it seems part of the Role Playing game the left engages in. Another dungeon where they get to fight Bull Conner dragons, and roll dice as Civil Rights Crusaders. I prefer the elf and troll version myself. In that deal, I'm not forced to watch people play out fantasy, I can go read a book.

I guess freedom looks different in practice than it does stenciled on a tri-corner hat.
Uh huh. Fundamental freedoms of speech, religion, and the press seem more important to me than shifting social mores on conduct. It seems to me that society has every right to judge and govern conduct. The degree of license it gives is a matter to be grateful for, not resentful of.

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