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Default Re: Science Saturday: Sexist Skeptics (Ann Althouse & Rebecca Watson)

Originally Posted by ledocs View Post
Rather than apologizing for calling me a liar, you keep repeating this unprovable charge. In order for me to be lying, I would have to be aware that the facts are not as I assert them to be.
No, you fucking cock. You publicly said I did something without the proof. And your twisted liberal logic has caused you to say this filth:

But I don't know that, and I believe rather strongly that they are as I assert them to be. It's not my fault that the Search function in the software is not as robust as I would like or would need in order to find the interchange in question. I don't think bhtv staff have the time or inclination to look into the facts here.
No. And without proof you should not slander people in public you fucking ass. You can ask bhtv for the proof or you can shut the fuck up about it.

But suppose that you are correct and that I am wrong about the underlying facts. Does this make me a liar? No, it does not. It makes me mistaken. I would have made a mistake.
Then, you could have said that you were mistaken. Evil does not occur when a bunch of men agree to do evil. Evil happens when good men do nothing. This is what makes you a piece of shit; merde, if you like.
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