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Default Re: McCain bias effects

Originally Posted by themightypuck View Post
I think you should vote your conscience. Where do you live? Where I live (California), the Presidential election is a bit like the SuperBowl: I can root for my team but I can't really effect the outcome.
I live in Florida--every third commercial is currently a political ad here.

Part of my problem with 'voting my conscience' is that I don't really have a 'team'. Indeed, I intensely dislike the very notions of 'team' and 'party'. A driving idea behind modern political ideologies is one i disagree with--namely that there are analytical/a priori available solutions to social problems. Thus many people are convinced that a "liberal" solution will have the best outcome or that a 'conservative' solution will, while think it's completely contingent.

Additionally, one way of parsing 'voting one's conscience' in this election might be--"vote on intrinsic properties--who you think is the best person", but I don't think one can, or should, ignore the potential relational properties of an Obama presidency-it's effects on the society in general. It has, as I noted earlier, a potential upside a McCain presidency lacks; to ignore this, I think, would be irresponsible on my part. I'm not saying it should necessarily dictate my vote, but it is something I should think about.
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