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Default Any Firefly fans? I need your help...

As anyone who has seen an episode of Firefly can tell you. Firefly is undoubtedly one of the most brilliant television series ever created. How else could a television show which only aired for nine episodes, in the wrong order, aired on Friday night, was preempted by baseball, was given little to no marketing, and was pulled from the air so quickly, managed to draw in such a dedicated fan base that the dvds sales numbered among the highest of all time, a major feature film was produced, and the series is still, to this day, the highest rated television series on three years after the last episode was aired. There's a reason why the feature film based on the franchise has received very positive reviews from virtually every major publication, though it's still not nearly as brilliant as the television show. Furthermore, the brilliant characters and the rich universe that the franchise immerses you has so many possibilities for storylines since each new world that the crew manages to find themselves on can very plausibly be like no other world they've been on before. Each could have a wholly distinct ruling body, a very different set of rules and beliefs, and could each expose the audience to a wholly novel experience.

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