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Default Re: The Never-Ending Primary

I think one of the areas where Ms. Franke-Ruta has interesting things to say (at least to me, maybe because I don't spend that much time in discussion about these issues) is about feminism and gender issues. She did refer to that briefly here when she misunderstood the direction Mr. Ponnurru was going with the conversation, but it went away from that pretty quickly.

I (again as a person who hasn't spent a lot of time with feminism and gender issues) tend to agree with the commentary I've seen that feminists becoming the champions of HRC against Obama would be a disaster for feminism (and the country) but I'm interested to hear the case (to the extent there is one) of intelligent feminists who think HRC is getting a raw deal or who want to explain to me the ways in which there hasn't been as much progress in this country on gender as on race (GFR:there won't be a Betty Friedan Day).
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