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Default White & Black Poverty

I think John's suggestion that the best way forward for getting white's more interested in the problems of concentrated black poverty is by drawing analogies with it to white poverty is probably NOT the way one should go.

There is a term for the types of white people they are talking about that they don't mention--i.e. "poor white trash". There is a reason that the term "trash" is used; middle class whites do not generally see these people as part of a social problem to be addressed, but rather as something to be kicked to the curb and "taken out".

Even amongst southern right-wingers, most DO see predominantly black urban ghettos as a kind social ill. They may not agree with liberals on what should be done about it, but they do see it as a kind of singular problem.

This simply is not the case for "trailer trash". If anything, middle class whites view such people with even more fear and resentment than they do lower class blacks. It's not the same "fear of a black planet", hide your wallet, type of fear--rather it is the fear of facing the possibility that this could be your meth addicted son or daughter one day. While John might think that sympathy is the natural reaction here, I can tell you--it isn't. Quite the opposite. Hatred that such a possibility even exists gets focused on its embodiment.
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