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Default Re: Merry Christmas: All-American Muslim Santa Kills Family

Originally Posted by Ocean View Post
I've been a picky eater all my life. So was my father and other family members, some distant ones that grew up far apart from me. And so are my children. I think it's genetic.
Well, here's another point against nurture: I was brought up in a very bland environment food-wise; my mom's notion of exotic spices was a pinch of black pepper. I have some religious dietary restrictions, and I have my old comfort foods, but since dating my wife, my repertoire has literally exploded, and I suspect it';s something that has always been there, waiting to be expressed.

My wife had a limited exposure to variety growing up, but not as limited as mine and technically she grew up within an ethnic food environment. But we have both adventured together and expanded our horizons. She's picky, but her pickiness is on quality, not type. Our first date was an Ethiopian place, which I had tried exactly once before and she never had.

So in addition to supporting your genetic view, this may also speak to assortative mating.
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