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Originally Posted by DenvilleSteve View Post
none of the muslims on this station have much interesting to say. it is all politics and process. pretty much democrats talking to each other, not challenging their own ideas. What do Arabs want for their countries now that they are free? I think they are super majority democrats, want a large nanny state style government, but don't know how to achieve it in a competitive world market.
nanny crap will never fix anything. The problem is in the internet. But that is crazy to say unless you include the people. These corporate turkeys fold up links left and right, destroying everything everyday now, just so there system keeps up with new operating shit from jerk microsoft. BUT, the old one worked just fine...? Even on new systems... The destruction it does to economics is just unbelievable.... and devistating. No one makes any speech about it... But they just go and fix links as if they need them, at the cost of whom? As long as the people erase links that do work, they continue to rip a hole in economics worse then the atmosphere itself from air polution. And these turkeys think just nanny it is ok... I dont think anything will help until a stop is put to the internet. Stop it cold... With a leave it alone law. Then you can talk about all the other stupid shit that may help. And it may change eventually... But tommorow when you get up, the dam thing will not work again, as long as you permit them to get away with it all. Does a journalist really think bull shit works? Democrats today are just lying republicans.... That is the fact of it all.... And honestly, they dont give a dam about the poor.
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