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Default Re: Has Al Jazeera reported on the Lara Logan beating?

Originally Posted by DenvilleSteve View Post
the attack took place after Mubarak had resigned. The Egyptians in the square were celebrating their victory and freedom. Why would Mubarak supporters be in the crowd?
You don't think the Mubarak progaganda that came before might have had ongoing consequences?

E.g. "Witnesses have said the mostly peaceful protests to end Mubarak's rule had taken a more violent turn after the Egyptian president announced his resignation on Feb. 11, the night Logan was attacked.

As the protests had escalated, Egyptian state media began publishing negative stories about foreign journalists, with many reports alleging that Israeli spies were posing as news crews.

About a week before her attack, Logan and her crew had been among the many journalists rounded up and held on suspicion of being spies."

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