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Default Re: I give it a B

Originally Posted by bjkeefe View Post
This diavlog was a bit disappointing. I wish Bob had spent more time asking good questions and less time looking for ways to push his familiar view that new technology is causing the positive evolution of humanity. (See sapeye's post for a good example dingalink.)

I'm not saying it was all bad. I did get something out of it. But usually when Bob does an interview of someone who is outside the predominate focus of Bhtv -- punditizing about American electoral politics -- he does a better job at steering the discussion to produce answers that give new information to the listeners.
none of the muslims on this station have much interesting to say. it is all politics and process. pretty much democrats talking to each other, not challenging their own ideas. What do Arabs want for their countries now that they are free? I think they are super majority democrats, want a large nanny state style government, but don't know how to achieve it in a competitive world market.
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