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I've asked this question before and have yet to receive a significant, passable answer. Time to ask it again.

What are Kristen Soltis's qualifications for apart from being the Erin Andrews of this website?

Ms. Soltis is another attractive Gator grad. Ms. Soltis is the former lead singer in a rock band that took a dive five minutes after it formed.

Ms. Soltis has a prominent "sugar daddy" and/or "stake horse": Jeb Bush. In 2002, Bush appointed Ms. Soltis to something called the Florida Commemorative Quarter Committee. (Perhaps the Florida Commemorative Dime Committee already had its fill of members?)

Apart from that, Ms. Soltis deserves to be on bloggingheads for what reason(s) exactly? How is Ms. Soltis not really just the S.E. Cupp of this website?

With Ms. Soltis, there's none of the veritable "there" there. So little substance. So little merit. So much appearance. Just enough of the proper connections in Mr. Bush.

Anyone care to answer this question, the question of merit and qualifications?
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