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Default Re: Culture War on Islam Edition (Adam Serwer & Eli Lake)

Originally Posted by Whatfur View Post
My, my, Zeke. Are you threatening me, tough guy? You gonna go all Pulp Fiction on me? Don't let the veins in your neck burst that cute little puka shell necklace there hardass. Does your mommy know you use those words?
Good lord, it was supposed to be a joke. Also, is there a way to flag this for Brenda? Can I get it framed next to my oh-so-inflammatory "lying, irrational or stupid" line?

Originally Posted by Whatfur View Post
In any case, You seemed to have moved the goal line here. "American Liberal" now, eh?

Was this guy a liberal?. Such things are not going to be admitted in Amercia until well until someone runs over their daughter with a jeep. So I guess it is the question that is idiotic.
I wanted to prevent you from going full Sophist and listing, say, Ahmadinejad or the Times Square (failed) bomber as an example of multiculturalism leading to tolerance of human rights abuses.

Originally Posted by Whatfur View Post
Do you think there are any American Liberals who are perfectly happy with packing up and leaving Afghanistan in the hands of the Taliban? Do you think the majority of the Taliban believe that honor killings are ummm honorable?
Yes, because not wanting to continue the Afghan War means we support honor killings and the disfigurement of women, obviously. One question, though. You seem to be suggesting that these things are so abominable that anyone not advocating open-ended wars to (maybe) stamp them out is actually somehow supporting these practices.

This brings a comparison to my mind. You think Abortion is wrong, right? The murder of a human person and all that, correct? And yet you aren't attempting to violently overthrow the US government that allows it to happen are you? So this means you tacitly support abortion, correct?
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