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Default Re: Non-Scenery-Chewing Oscar Edition

Originally Posted by Don Zeko View Post
In I'msoawesome's (very) limited defense, it's not like he's the only person on the internet that can't tell the difference between an opinion and an argument. But yes, if this guy were worth responding to seriously this would be a good post. Since he isn't worth such a response, it suffers in comparison to most of the other responses, which all had the virtue of taking less time to write that could have been spent doing something else.
I think yours and Chi's posts are a fitting epitaph for our friend. Perhaps he will use some of his over-the-top brain power to read them and figure out what went wrong. He promised to create a new account so it will be interesting to see if anything changes. Suggestions for the new handle:

That last one would save him a lot of keystrokes.
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