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Default Re: Newtmentum! (David Weigel & Chris Moody)

Apple wanted crazy beliefs. I gave them. I'm not sure what this "comparability" is about. Either your belief has some sort of evidence to support it or it is unfounded and hence crazy. All the ones I listed have no evidence to support them.

Now if comparability has to do with a religion continuing to officially spew policy that we have good reason to believe is harmful then I'd say that condom use, gay marriage, and stem-cell research are just a few of the many that fit under that category. If the point is that from a thirty years in the future perspective we can look back and say racial discrimination was horrible, then I'd say that in thirty years when there is perfect marriage equality the Catholic church will have the exact same type of answering to do.

The other type of comparability could be some sort of measure on craziness, but this will only be defined in terms of cultural acceptance of beliefs. If the point is that Catholicism is more mainstream and hence has more acceptance and hence is less crazy, then of course Catholicism wins but only because it is a tautology from the definition of our measure of craziness. If 90% of people were LDS, then clearly the Catholic idea of transubstantiation (most Catholics do not take this to be symbolic by the way!) would be more crazy than any Mormon belief.
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