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Default Re: Positive Cardiovascular Health (Robert Wright & Darwin Labarthe)

I've bit my tongue on several Bloggingheads discussions when supposed experts either perpetuate myths or at least don't correct them. This one went too far and I had to create an account to post about it.

Bob continually repeats a phrase similar to "my total cholesterol is bad/too high". This is nonsense. Darwin should have immediately pointed out that no correlation has ever been demonstrated between total cholesterol and heart health. Total cholesterol has essentially no predictive value. This is well-known and not at all controversial today.

The second thing I want to point out is a little easier to let slide because it is much harder to explain. LDL is not "bad". Again, your total LDL number has essentially no predictive power. There are many types of LDL and you need a more thorough blood test done to find out the ratio of "large" LDL particles and "small" LDL particles. The large are actually quite good and it is the small that are the predictor of heart problems.

I'm really hoping that our expert knew this and just didn't feel like going into some long biochemistry lecture. There is a good chance that he was just parroting the misinformation that has perpetuated our culture and doesn't actually realize it is inaccurate.
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