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Default Re: Lessons Learned: Iraq War Redux? (Robert Wright & Heather Hurlburt)

I want to point out that this is about the tenth or twentieth time I've seen somebody jump into the forum and immediately start hectoring Wonderment about why he wants to give basic rights to those nasty Arabs, who are really so nasty, and take every single opportunity to just be really awful, and want to do all kinds of nasty things to the Jews, and also to you and me, and while clearly you want some sort of refutation from Wonderment that Arabs are not, in fact, all evil all the time, this is rather a lot to expect from him, considering that he has provided it many times, and that you could find this sort of information anywhere, if you were inclined to question your own "identity beliefs".


I'd say peace making entails only one thing - renouncing the use of violent aggression to get your way.
So does this mean that if the US wants Iran to deal with us peacefully, it should take going to war with them "off the table"?

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