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Default Re: me like Franco-Belgian comics

Thanks for the BBC link.

I agree with Florian's critique about the early ones. So it's one of those works where you like it from having grown up with it, but at the same time you are aware of the offensive and dated parts of it.

Frank Miller. I'm not surprised this is where he would be on OWS. I like certain things about him - he loves the medium. Dark Horse published a book-length conversation between him and Will Eisner, _Eisner/Miller_ and I loved that. But he has always had this harshness - sadistic characters, a reverence for not just capturing the Joker or whoever, but making them suffer. I'm not too surprised there are right-wingers in comics.... Steve Ditko loves the medium too.

A few posts back, he has a drawing of a giant dinosaur eating a member of Al-Qaeda. And a commenter calls him on his absolutism. "how many innocent civilians do ya think your buddy's gonna eat after he's filled up on terrorists, genius?"

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