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Default Re: me like Franco-Belgian comics

Originally Posted by Kevin View Post
This is an incidental/triviality which is why I'm posting it way over here and not on the diavlog... the comics person in me looked at the art print behind Michael Young in the new Bob & Michael Young diavlog about Lebanon & Syria and said 'zing... I know that font.... it's the Tintin font. What is that???'

It turns out it is Blake and Mortimer, _La Marque Jaune_ by Edgar Jacobs. I haven't read it because I am a monolingual dope from the USA and don't understand French. If I understood French, I could read a lot more of the great comics, mostly not translated yet, by the circle of assistants who worked with Herge on the later Tintins, such as Edgar Jacobs and Bob De Moor. Michael Young, you have good taste in prints... Now back to your regularly scheduled Middle East diavlog gravitas and fostering peace through conversation.
Spielberg's Tintin et la licorne has already been released in Europe ahead of its release in the US, rather unusually. Big success so far, but I wonder if it will be a success in the US. Almost every French-speaking child reads the Tintin comics, but the humor is very dated, not to say politically incorrect or even worse.

For example in Tintin en Amérique (1932):

Bank Employee: "Ce matin, lorsque je suis arrivé à la banque, comme d’habitude, j’ai trouvé le patron dans cet état, et le coffre-fort ouvert… J’ai donné l’alarme. On a immédiatement pendu sept nègres, mais le coupable s’est enfui…

When I arrived at the bank as usual this morning, I found the boss in this state (dead), and the safe broken into. I sounded the alarm. Immediately, seven negroes were hanged, and the culprit fled....

Radio : "Voici les évènements de la journée d’hier, d’après le professeur W.R. Law, directeur de l’Office des statistiques : 24 banques ont fermé leurs guichets : 24 banquiers ont été arrêtés. On a kidnappé 35 bébés… 44 nègres ont été lynchés. 150 gallons d’eau de Javel champagnisée ont été saisis par la police : le Coroner et 29 policiers sont à l’hôpital…

Here are the events of yesterday, according to Professor W.R. law, director of the office of statistics: 24 banks were shut down, 24 bankers were arrested, 35 babies kidknapped....44 negroes lynched. 150 gallons of bleach turned into champagne were seized by the police: the coroner and 29 policemen were hospitalized.

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