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Default me like Franco-Belgian comics

This is an incidental/triviality which is why I'm posting it way over here and not on the diavlog... the comics person in me looked at the art print behind Michael Young in the new Bob & Michael Young diavlog about Lebanon & Syria and said 'zing... I know that font.... it's the Tintin font. What is that???'

It turns out it is Blake and Mortimer, _La Marque Jaune_ by Edgar Jacobs. I haven't read it because I am a monolingual dope from the USA and don't understand French. If I understood French, I could read a lot more of the great comics, mostly not translated yet, by the circle of assistants who worked with Herge on the later Tintins, such as Edgar Jacobs and Bob De Moor. Michael Young, you have good taste in prints... Now back to your regularly scheduled Middle East diavlog gravitas and fostering peace through conversation.

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