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Originally Posted by Starwatcher162536 View Post
Thought Experiment: What if the confederate states had not left the Union because of the slavery question, but instead left over something else not viewed so negatively today, such as import taxes on "widgets". Would it be then okay to celebrate the confederacy?

My own opinion is that it is okay to admire a person, idea, or institution for attribute X even if said person, idea, or institution had attributes Y and Z that are today viewed as deplorable. When judging people from the past you must judge them using a baseline of what was normal at the time.
What's the point you're trying to get at here? Whether it's OK to celebrate secession? That seems to be the point of your hypothetical, but it seems like kind of a banal one. Whether or not we could celebrate it would probably depend on the details. It also doesn't seem terribly likely for a country to fall apart over...import taxes on widgets.
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