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Default Re: Black History Edition (John McWhorter & Glenn Loury)

Originally Posted by brucds View Post
Regarding HuffPo and it's unpaid bloggers, most of them totally suck and couldn't get paid to write if their lives depended on it. As for Mayhill Fowler, she was better than most at least some of the time - her "unreadable" quotient was at some middling level, just like...uh...David Brooks - but she used Huffington Post at least as much as she was used. Had she been a professional journalist and not occupied her self-annointed "grey area" she never would have gotten access to the only story that's ever gotten her writing any attention. She went to an informal fundraising event open only to "supporters" and closed to journalists, and took advantage of the folks who let her in. I always thought that particular ungaurded comment made in a room supposedly devoid of reporters looking to file copy, in context, was a tempest in a teapot, but she managed to gin it up and get her 15 minutes.

Sorry - this is off-diavlog-topic, but I saw that Chris Hedges complaint. Hedges is a smart guy and I've found value in most of his books, but he's also a master of self-righteous outrage and turns a lot of complicated issues into simplistic morality plays.
Agreed.* Very well said.

*(Except that I can't comment on Hedges's books, having not read any of them. I can only judge him based on articles he's written and interviews he's done.)
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