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Default Re: Black History Edition (John McWhorter & Glenn Loury)

Great discussion.

Black History month should continue until it's no longer necessary to make a separate history. Perhaps it should be renewed every year, updated, or have some version of "State of Black History".

I think that John tends to be in denial of the extent to which racism is still evident. He has a rather peculiar way of dealing with his own reactions to racist remarks, but he shouldn't expect too many others to be able to brush them off so easily. The standard to measure against is that of how an average person in the same position would feel or react.

In terms of the student asking for an apology, again, it's not about what John would feel or do, but rather about putting oneself in the student's shoes and try to understand why she may want an apology. No one is above or below an apology. Like any other human interaction, apologizing is a transaction between two parties. It can acquire multiple meanings, depending on the situation and whether it's sincere or forced. But the decision should ultimately be left to the involved parties. Did the professor show evidence of regretting his actions? Did he admit he was wrong?
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