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Default Re: Weird Statistics on Commenters

Originally Posted by Ocean View Post
You could also leave the constants of the universe steady and just subtract a comment every time you write one.

(-comment +comment= 0)
Or subtract 2 for every new comment, eventually it will reach zero, if I recall my math correctly, any number divided by zero yields infinity, perhaps the immortality equivalent. He can fulfill his delusion...

Dawkins: Showed Conceit of Anthropic Universe

"To illustrate the vain conceit that the universe must be somehow pre-ordained for us, because we are so well-suited to live in it, he [Adams] mimed a wonderfully funny imitation of a puddle of water, fitting itself snugly into a depression in the ground, the depression uncannily being exactly the same shape as the puddle."
-- Richard Dawkins, in "Lament for Douglas" (14 May 2001)
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