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Default Re: Vuvuzela-Blowing Edition (Bryan Curtis & Eve Fairbanks)

To all you soccer-agnosts and unawares here at Bloggingheads: just be glad you do not live in Europe. Over here, everything is soccer. All radio and television is devoted to one thing only: soccer. This is usually the case every Monday, the day after the weekends matches, but right now, it has been going down for over a month. Each and every second of the day.

I really enjoy Bryan and Eve talking soccer, and support them in their determination to take this seriously. But it is a bit disconcerting, it's like them stepping out of their historic roles as Americans.

To know is to love, American comrades. If you knew more, about the sport, the traditions, the rivalries, the pain and sudden triumphs, the superstars and how most of them they got their butts thoroughly kicked, it would be far more enjoyable for the untrained North-American eye. Ghana going out was the stuff of opera. Holland-Spain is a beauty, whoever wins. And the tournament is definitely not socialist. On the contrary, Fifa is a profit making machine. This is a multi-million dollar business.
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