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Default Re: Megan

I comment rarely on blogs and try to be positive, and often as a scold to rude trolls and anonymous commenters, but...

I find Megan Mcardle increasingly difficult to watch/read. I know she gets an awful lot of criticism, and I'm not trying to echo their shrillness.

Regardless, I find that she often conflates the personal with the universal. I have a difficult time with her supposed economist's rationality, when her evidence for any assertion is her own experience or that of her friends (or her image of what other "real" people might be thinking.)

I watch vlogs with Loury/McWhorter, the Free Wills, and the Science Saturdays where ideas seem to matter and assertions must be backed up. It seems like Mcardle just talks and expects her assertions to be taken at face value.

My $.02.


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