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Default Re: Draft Dayo or Eliza to debate Dambisa

Originally Posted by JonIrenicus View Post
If not specifically debate, then discuss. They both seem to think her advocacy of moving away from an aid model is wrong, so let them hash it out.

I agree with them that IF the money was put to proper use it could only ever help and improve the situations. Moyos argument seems to be that the open ended aid in and of itself acts as a drug to keep a society unresponsive to peoples needs. Where the governance has incentives to appeal to donors rather than its people.

In any case, in the places where more people have moved out of poverty and destitution, where has the aid model worked well?

What has worked at all?
Moyo's argument is much blunter than what you describe. What you describe--a problem with open-ended aid and how it's misused--is the argument made by the always awesome Bill Easterly. Moyo is more absolute in protesting aid in the abstract and advocating going cold turkey on the developing world, now.

But yes, it'd be great to have someone debate her.
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