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Default Re: Apparently, if you notice these things you’re just being a hateful racist

Originally Posted by eeeeeeeli View Post
It's outrageous how thick it has become. I think I kept waiting for some magic moment to come - like when Tea Party people were actually elected - and the nation, including the Republican party would be like, "Whoa. OK. We've really gone too far. We need to look in the mirror." But no.
Yep. We keep waiting for people to catch on, and they just keep not catching on. I think there is a fundamental flaw in the liberal notion that the public would be offended if they only understood how vile and hateful the heart of the GOP is. The fact is that the GOP deploys the politics of hate because they work. Some of my liberal friends have suggested that outspoken liberal resistance to hatemongering, racism and bigotry actually just makes it worse -- actually pushes people in the opposite of the desired direction. I fear there is truth to this. We might be making things worse with our opposition.
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