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Default Theocratic Boosterism

Now I tend to expect such abysmal and appalling ignorance about the World's major religions from Ann, but I am a little surprised that Emily, too, would be so defective in her understanding of those traditions that she would fail to realize this fact:

Not all of the now-flourishing world (or U.S.) religions are theistic.

When one forces "under God" onto little children, one does not merely disrespect atheists (who have nothing but disdain for spiritual beliefs in any case) but one also engages in government-sponsored warping of the minds of innocent Buddhist children as well.

Buddhists, although deeply religious and ethical, completely reject the notion that the mind, the World, and the beings in it were either created by any god or are somehow now under the control or influence of any god. (They do teach that there are various levels of celestial rebirth in which one will indeed find the various gods of the theistic religions, both the angry ones and the benevolent ones, but those celestial rebirths are all seen as merely temporary, not associable with genuine spiritual perfection, and hence [like a Club Med vacation] are really not worth striving for.)

Sorry to see both DV participants being so dim on such basic components of a liberal arts education, so dim that they just default into justifying the current theocratic power-mongering of the Sarah Palin contingent.

I'd suggest both Emily and Ann should burn their undergraduate degrees as obviously undeserved false documents.

I'm not really proposing that it's very strategic for the Left to get involved in this topic as it's politically radioactive. Far better would be if the wusses in the Supreme Court would simply do their duty and take on what they weaseled out of dealing with recently. If they took on the issue, "under god" would be dropped and the Pledge would be restored to its earlier form. (And the constitutionality of that document and forcing it on children every day is itself a big question, but for another day.)


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