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Default Some issues with Disquss

Some time has gone by, and there are some issues I'm finding with this new format that I would like to mention.

First of all, it is much more difficult to continue a discussion into any length. The posts move around a lot more than the old thread system, where you generally knew where on the post tree you were debating and could jump there rather quickly.

Also, there is no search function. It is difficult to raise points about contradictions with a person's previous statements when you can't actually find the posts in question.

Then there is the matter of the relative clumsiness of keeping up with discussions by bouncing between Diavlogs rather than threads. This is exacerbated by the lack of a search function, as before I could search for my own posts and find discussions which I couldn't find in very large threads. The "see more" function naturally dissuades one from making larger posts, I cannot see how detailed debate can have in this format.

I do see how it would facilitate traffic in the short term, with people not needing to create accounts. I question the caliber of the average fly by commenter in such a case, and I would suggest that such figures are inflated by the current election climate. Is it a functional model for a long term view, though? Or even after Ron Paul loses the nomination?
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