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Default What I will miss about vBulletin...


I can live with the changes the Bhtv is pushing through. I've got to be believe it was a dollars and cents-type decision. As a good capitalist, I understand the economic imperative and all that.

And while I share the feelings of those who lament the switch to Disqus, or whatever it's called, still, I feel compelled to state for the record why the change is for the worse.

It comes down to the loss of intimacy. I have (had?) genuine relationships with a lot of the regulars here. As Nikkibong said in a post on the other site, the old comments section had the feel of a familiar neighborhood watering hole:

"Ah, look, there's Look, chipper as always. And there's iemJeff brooding under the dart board. I guess he and Sugarkang have been at it again. Relax guys, have a beer or a spritzer or whatever's your pleasure.

"I spy Ocean at the end of the bar, looking her usual, ravishing self. If I wink at her do you think she'll grace me with a coquettish smile?

"I see Don Zeko and Florian are teamed up against Badhat and Sulla -- and Wonderment?! What's up with that?

"No, Twin. I don't think Dubya's a war criminal. And you're not such a bad guy either -- you drive me nuts, but you're all right, when push comes to shove..."

That's what I'll miss. Here's to you all. [ADDED]: and to all those others too numerous to mention.
Send lawyers, guns and money/Dad, get me outta this
--Warren Zevon--

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