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Default Re: Means and Ends (Joshua Cohen & Glenn Loury)

Originally Posted by ohreally View Post
Federal control of education? Which country are you talking about?

No, you don't mean that. You mean she doesn't have a right to a certain work environment that's not detrimental to her as a woman.
I'd frame it differently. I say she doesn't have a 'right' to impose her sensibilities on a particular work environment.

Hmm... In Dickens's era, 7-year old kids might put in 15 hours a day in a spinning mill. No one forced their parents to send their kids to work. What's wrong with that? I suppose you'll draw a line between child labor and exposing women at work to playboy centerfolds. But which Libertarian principle guides the line drawing? Ludwig von Mises would say none. Lew Rockwell would say the same. I assume our resident Libertarians would not go that far. But here's the rub. Libertarianism cannot compromise without selling out, something that Rawlsians are immune to (after all, reflective equilibrium is all about compromise). So Libertarians flaunt the purity of their dogma, and then sell out. That's why I call that ideology juvenile.
I don't mean to flaunt the purity of any dogma. I don't think libertarian or any other dogma is 'pure'. I'm not an absolutist in anything and distrust any ideologue who is. I don't know if I would use the word 'juvenile' for it, but I think it is somewhat sophomoric to be an ideological purist of any kind, and I don't think libertarians have a monopoly on this.
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