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Default Re: Great DV John & Glenn!

Originally Posted by Simon Willard View Post
Not joking. I care more for other cities than I do about Tel Aviv.
The questions weren't about why you support our position regarding Iran, but why we actually have this position. I didn't understand them as questions as to why we should maintain the positions we do..but why we actually do maintain them.

With regard to loose nukes, I'll just say that some of us have questions about Iran's reliability.
With good reason, in my opinion. And it's why we don't care if India or Israel has the bomb.

Do you really think the mullahs would attack Israel? Oh, make my day! That could be the trigger that gives us the moral cover to completely transform Iran, if not the entire region, for the better.
They don't have to actually attack Israel. They only have to demonstrate that they are both willing to mount a devastating nuclear attack, and able to do so. That alone will transform the politics of the region, and not for the better.
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