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Default Re: The Freedom Cage (Ann Althouse & Matt Welch)

Ann's comment about when the "mainstream media" uses particular stories has to stand the Occum's razor of the alternative hypothesis that the media holds stories the way farmers hold back commodities, which is until they think they will fetch the best price. Most stories don't "grow in their hand", they spoil easily and exclusive stories are prized. The commercial media are profits oriented and they hold stories and release them in the anticipation that they will maximize the interest in those stories. So, for newspapers, it's maximum circulation, for video, it's maximum ratings. It's no co-incidence then that stories about politicians have maximum interest right around their election cycle. It's false to assume that their are extreme motives to run or kill a story based on political agendas of most commercial news media. It's only those media outlets that boast a lock on ideological segments of the population that can afford to slant the news that way. And that happens throughout the political and ideological spectrum. We all know who they are and take that into account.
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