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Default Re: Science Saturday: Wet Paleontology

Hey Where's the love for this guy?:

Why all the hatin'?

Seriously though, excellent diavlog. This was a nice treat for me since I'm currently digging through (pun intended) Zimmer's book "Evolution". He is such a great writer and also a heck of an interviewer. And Neil is a wonderful guest.

His enthusiasm for the topic is a big plus. I have found through Bloggingheads that with the right person, even subjects that I might not normally get into, can be made quite engrossing. Matt Lee is the best example, since I never would have guessed that I could sit through MULTIPLE hour-long discussions of the inner workings of the UN. Just shows that with the right person guiding the discussion, almost any subject can be made interesting (and enlightening.)

Welcome back Bloggin'. When you have some free time, here is some make-up homework:

It went a bit over my head but I'd love to hear your (and everyone else's) thoughts on it. Cheers- UE
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