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Default Re: Science Saturday: Wet Paleontology

Great diavlog!
Neil is delightful as a blogging head. He seems to be reasonably free of ego -- unlike Craig Venter, for example. Tiktaalik is the star so far as he's concerned, not himself -- he's just Tiktaalik's spokesman. And he seems entirely comfortable being himself on camera (e.g., showing his enthusiasm). I hope he returns to BloggingHeads.

Carl could learn something from Neil in that last respect -- he always seems rather uneasy on camera and he seems to keep his own personality in the background more than is necessary. I completely sympathize with Carl in this -- I know I'd have a hard time on camera myself -- but I wish he could relax a bit and let go of his self-consciousness.
Carl is great, though. And I was delighted when he brought up his own visit to that road-bed site. I definitely want him to come back for more SciSats.
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