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Originally Posted by ledocs View Post
I always marvel at the fact that the piano player he had on those records, Joe Bonner, was living on the street for a time. I was recently listening to one of those two-record sets, because I have it on cassette, and I was traveling in a car that only had a cassette player.
i am happy that you know Joe Bonner! when he was there(if you know what i mean), he was unbelievable. most people have never heard of him.

i heard him live, about 10 times, at "the both/and", which leads me to one of my great rants about the poor quality of most jazz recordings.

i heard Miles Davis for 7 nights once, and it was fantastic. but at breaks, i kept asking other patrons if they noticed the difference between the live sound and the records played during the break. to my ear, the difference was night and day bad. but everybody wrote it off as "well it is just a record".

as early as 1961, i had heard some of bob fine's "mercy living presence series" recordings that are still great. yet my recordings of "a love supreme" don't come close to what i heard live in new york.

rudy van gelder, and others made some land-mark recordings, but the bassist jimmy garrison's sound(joe bonner and tons of other great musicians) has never been captured accurately, imho, and it is a crime(mas o menos).

interestingly, herbie hancock, once brought in equipment to "the both/and", that duplicated his "fusion" recorded sound of the time.

a "keystone"/lowell high memory is Nancy Vellutini. do you know her?

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