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Default Re: What I will miss about vBulletin...

Originally Posted by rfrobison View Post
I can live with the changes the Bhtv is pushing through. I've got to be believe it was a dollars and cents-type decision. As a good capitalist, I understand the economic imperative and all that.
Except no clear evidence confirms that money was an imperative force. Why employ faith when the case is before you for examination?

Not to say money wasn't an issue. But there is no evidence that scrapping vBulliten was the determinative factor in maintaining viability. Isn't it obvious that the tie-ins with the Atlantic and their system are the driving force in implementing an inferior commenting system?
Wouldn't a direct admission be welcome? Otherwise, it seems we are mere means to and end in the extension of the Bob Wright brand. It's all very contemporary, no?

Your lament about the loss of real connection with fellow commenters is an undeniable and irredeemable result of this unnecessary change.
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