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Default Re: Obama / Clinton ticket

Originally Posted by deebee View Post
I absolutely do not expect this to happen because I feel that a strong and unequivocal message was hammered home when Obama selected Patti Solis Doyle, who was sidelined by the Clintons, as their Chief of Staff for a newly-minted VP candidate. Several commentators also saw this as a "f-u moment". It's also clear that BO prefers to be the center of attention and not to share a stage with any competing force.

Clintonites saw this as the sort of over-the-top, thumb in the eye offense that Obama seemed to relish towards the end of the Primary season and that totally turned off a fairly large segment of her supporters. For this and several other reasons, I also feel that many Hillary voters actually do not want to see this pairing.

I agree with those who think that he will go the safe and boring route.
Ben Smith himself (5/19/08) was speclating about the rationale for PSD.

Note also that her brother is Chicago alderman Danny Solis, president pro tem of the Chicago City Council & a member of Hillary Clinton's Illinois Steering Committee. This can't hurt Obama's courtship of the Latino vote.

So wait ... Hillary Clinton fired a woman at the end of February, and then people who worked for Hillary or Clintonites were upset that she sought employment with Obama?

So you still see everything Obama through Hillary colored glasses?

Why not try to accept that Hillary is as responsible for not being placed on the ticket as any other factor. But you, me or Ben Smith have no greater reason to believe that it was an FU gesture rather than a likely political outcome.
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