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Default Re: No Drama Edition

Ho hum. Yet another horse race conversation with hardly a word spoken against John McCain.

Here's one example: If you're going to talk about Obama's change of mind on public financing, why wouldn't you mention the games that McCain played with the same system during the primaries? (See here and here for a quick refresher.)

Why wouldn't you point out the positive reasons for Obama to have changed his mind? For one thing, his donor base has a huge number of small-dollar contributors, which is arguably more in the spirit of real public financing. For another, there is the RNC war chest to consider, not to mention the well-funded rightwing 527s, not to mention Cindy McCain's fortune.

Here's another example: Why isn't there even a hint of analysis at the emptiness of McCain's proposals for lowering gas prices? Why isn't Obama given credit for "straight talk?"

It's been clear for a while that Politico is a fairly Republican-leaning outfit, so if Ben Smith comes back, I hope he'll be paired with someone who doesn't just agree with everything he says.

And a larger message to the bookers on The Democratic primaries are over. It's time to start subjecting McCain to the same level of scrutiny as you have been applying to Obama (and Clinton) for months now. If you're going to have on a regular parade of people who parse Obama's every word and speculate about the downside of every action he takes, then please do the same regarding the other presumptive nominee. I hope we won't have to go through the summer and fall with nothing but a parade of commentators who dare not speak ill of St. Maverick McWarHero. We've already had that spring.

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