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Default Re: What is this will power energy ?

Originally Posted by thouartgob View Post
The idea that will power is a muscle and it has the property of being tired but can increase in strength over time if it is used is an interesting one that seems to have some instinctive resonance, for me at least.

When he lays out the explanation Roy refers to the "energy" of will power and I was curious as to people idea on what that is. I would think that will power is located ( if it can have a definite location ) in the pre-frontal lobes. So is there some structure that run out of energy ( glucose ? ) and takes time to recharge or is it some sort of deficit in a hormone or neurotransmitter that takes time to regain some balance ?
There are at least two possible processes. One is the neurotranmitter possibility, in which certain neurotransmitters get used up by the effort and then there's a period of relative latency while your neurons make more neurotransmitter available.

The other possible mechanism is that byproducts of the intense metabolism in that area accumulate and they interfere with sustained effort. It's similar to adenosine and sleep.
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