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Default Re: Jeff has gone off the deep end

Originally Posted by sugarkang View Post

No, Harry. You're not insane. But, I do question your sanity for putting up with this abuse for so long. That seems like masochism.
Jeff has a history of making statements he tries to back up with confused double-talk. E.G., in the what's wrong with being sexy thread.

As far as your Nazi comparison, I understand your point: Liberals here tend to think they're doing God's Work by attacking conservatives with insults and name-calling. Also, they seem to think that Godwin's Rule is a scientific principle, or something.

Sulla said something yesterday to Jeff:

My objections to your statements are a window into my "inadequacy". Just like the politics of critics of the President are windows into their "psychosis". Totalitarians used to do this about fifty years ago, deviancy from political orthodoxy was a sign of mental illness.

When I was younger, I saw this happen in real life. Some men would hit on a woman, and if she rejected him, he would say to his friends that she was a lesbian. After all, what other possible reason could there be for their dialogue not to go his way?
Read the whole exchange between them, if you haven't already. Jeff tries to laugh off things he said earlier, but couldn't or wouldn't defend.
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